SplitIt payments: buy now, pay later



Now, using Splitit, you can pay for your echo/neutra watch in convenient monthly instalments.


What is Splitit?

Splitit is a global payment solution that lets you make payments using your own credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and split the cost into multiple interest-free monthly payments. With terms of up to 6 months, Splitit lets you pay for your new watch with convenient monthly instalments – without paying a penny more.



Paying through Splitit has multiple advantages for you:

– No credit checks.
– Always 0% interest. No hidden fees.
– No minimum order value.
– 3-6-10 equal monthly payments.



1956 3H

3 instalments of $ 228.00
instalments of $ 114.00
10 instalments of $ 68.40


instalments of $ 510.00
instalments of $ 255.00
10 instalments of $ 153.00

How does buying with Splitit work?

You can buy all products available on echoneutra.com with Splitit, also the ones on pre-order.

To buy through Splitit, simply select the ‘Interest-free instalments’ payment method at checkout. You will then be taken to the application form, where we will check if your credit card covers the required limit for the purchase amount.

If your application is successful and the items you ordered are available, echo/neutra will confirm your order and send you a confirmation email with all further information. If your request is not successful, you will have to choose an alternative payment method for your order.


How does the monthly payment process work?

Splitit requests the approval of your card company and reserves the full amount on your credit card – but the first instalment will not be charged until order is complete. After that, the instalment amount will be charged every month according to your payment plan.

With each monthly payment, the reserved amount on your card is reduced until the purchase is paid in full. The instalments appear on your bank statement as individual payments. Your order will be processed and delivered as usual.


What conditions do I have to meet to buy with Splitit?

To be eligible, you must have a Visa or Mastercard credit card and the total purchase amount must be available on your card.

You don’t need to register or login to use Splitit. You also don’t need to meet a minimum order value either.


When do I start paying the instalments?

There is no fixed date. Normally, instalments start about 1-2 weeks after you placed the order.


What happens if I want to return an item bought with Splitit?

We treat returns for Splitit orders the same way as any other order. Simply notify us via email at warranty@echoneutra.com and we will process your return as quickly as possible. All payments you have made will be automatically refunded.


Where can I find out which watches I can buy with Splitit?

You can pay with Splitit for all items listed on echoneutra.com


How fast do I get my watch and products when I buy with Splitit?

If your payment is accepted, you will receive your ordered items as quickly as with any other payment method.