39 years old, for almost 20 years I have been dealing with Object Design and Brand Creation. In 2008 I founded Zeppelin Studio, a communication agency operating in Northern Italy, and over the past ten years I have worked with many companies in various product sectors: from Cosmetics to Industrial Design, from Pharmaceuticals to Food, from Furniture to the most advanced Aerospace technologies.
My studies in Architecture have led me to conceive every creation, every communicative act as the balance between Function and Form, between what I want to express and the beauty in expressing it.
Passionate about Watches and Hi-Fi I decided to develop echo/neutra® to create a watch brand that before any other satisfies the most demanding customer: myself. The aim was to create an object to withstand the test of Time, with a timeless design.


36 years old Aerospace Engineer with a Master Degree in Propulsion Systems (in other words I deal with all kind of stuff crafted to fly over our heads: jets, rockets and satellites). I have a multidisciplinary professional experience ranging from technical design to supply chain development and sustainable innovation advisory. Early in life I developed a passion for open spaces and high altitudes, when I used to hike in the Dolomites with the Italian Alpine Club and camp in the backcountry. I remember that back then, looking at the sky, I used to dream of becoming a pilot. These days the Dolomites are still a testing ground for my aspirations. Practicing extreme sports there, I reach peaks of solipsistic concentration, thinking of my life and the next step: echo/neutra®