The Dolomites, backdrop and soul of our echo/neutra line of watches.echo/neutra’s new line of watches has been inspired by the Dolomites, the place where our idea and project comes to life and which still excites us and challenges our creativity each day.These awesome mountains stir higher emotions and breathe new life into us. And they never get old. We always discover a new place, a different landscape, a new challenge. Here the rush of emotions is ever changing as Mother Nature reveals its many different facets: powerful, imperious, antagonistic while at the same time silent, ethereal and romantic.


Here the beauty of the inert rock has an amazing quality and is never the same, moment by moment, day after day, season after season… the essence of each moment defined by time, from the luminous and regenerating early morning hours, to dusk, when the landscape turns a stunning pink.Along the trails, immersed in the silence of the green forests, in the shadow of the Dolomites (North).Strong and free, hit by the clear, intense light of the sun at high altitude (South).Battered by the wind and snow with peaks, austere and stately, all around us (East).Caressed by a warm breeze that moves and tickles the conifer trees (West).


This is where our AVERAU Versante Nord, Versante Est, Versante Sud, Versante Ovest watches are born.Watches designed to thrill, beating steadily, immutably, to mark the passage of our moments and experiences as we build our character and lives.